You’re sleeping
So peacefully
Breathing deep
In serene slumber
As dawn’s filtered light
Casts shadowy patterns
My finger touches
Slowly over your head
Feathery light touches
Across roughly smooth skin
My gaze drifts down
Longing licks
To beautiful soft lips
The target of my desire
Peaking from the sheet
Leaning down slowly
Trying not to wake
My sleeping lover
Soft little way kisses
Your hip draws my tongue
Traces of licks
Meandering trails over skin
Delighting in the taste
That is you
Stirring slightly
Knowing my time is short
Your dominance will assert
My grinning lips
Seek a new prize
Trying to stifle
Naughty giggles
As my teeth sink
Gently into
Your ass cheek
Did I really do that
Looking into your face
Scowling at my fading giggles
Blinking slowly
you move
My brain screams
Run girl
he’ll never catch me