Natalie luxuriated in his tender touch, trying to process the difference between the severity of his spanking and the tenderness of his touch afterwards. She was still frustrated by him interrupting the orgasm that she was about 3 seconds away from having, by her calculation. At the same time she was still in that heightened state of arousal that was not going to go away any time soon. ‘Why does this feel so right?’ she thought to herself.

Releasing his leg, she gingerly rose to sit on the chair. As she did so, she pulled her panties from the crack of her butt and repositioned them in the correct place. She was surprised at the amount of heat that was radiating out from her abused butt. Lowering her skirt, she was about to take her seat when Sir James took her hand.

“Stop.” He rose and reached for a pillow, placing it on Natalie’s seat. “You may need this.”

“Thank you, Sir”, she said quietly. “And thank you for punishing me.”

She sat, instantly grateful for the pillow as her butt was extremely sensitive. She did not know what to do or say and so she sat there, eyes downcast with her hands in her lap. She was not unhappy or sad; in fact she was exactly the opposite. She adored simply being in his presence. Dipping the end of his handkerchief in a water glass, he reached over and wiped the tears from her face before crooking his finger under her chin and lifting the head.

“Natalie; that was not a punishment. You will get no enjoyment if I ever choose to punish you. It is not something that I usually do.”

“Well, if handcuffing me, holding me over your knee and spanking me until my legs were wildly flailing and I was crying was not punishment; what was it….. Sir?”

“Ahhhh, you neglect to mention that you were dripping with arousal as well. What I was doing to you was just me taking some pleasure from your company. I was simply dominating you and encouraging you to submit. That it caused you some pain was only a simple by-product. If you accompany me to the dungeon later, you will suffer some more, I can assure you. But in watching your responses to date, I think you will enjoy what I do. You will be willing to surrender to me.”

Natalie was shocked to realize that every time he used a word such as dominate, submit or surrender, she had a combination chill and thrill ripple through her.

“Would you like me to remove your collar, Natalie?”

Her eyes widened as she absorbed his words. “I….. why…… no Sir. Have I done something wrong?”

“Not at all my dear. In fact you have submitted to my total satisfaction but you indicated on your arrival that you were ……… unsure.” His chin was resting on his steepled fingers as he looked at her.

“I loved both the roses and the collar however the locking mechanism on the collar just seemed so final. I am still trying to understand where we are going. You affect me like no other man ever has and, quite frankly, it scares me. At the same time it excites me more than I have ever been excited in my life. At times I just think you are an arrogant bastard but I seem to have this inability to resist seeing what you are going to do next. It is obviously no secret to you about the physical effect you have on me and sometimes I curse my body for making it so obvious.”

“I’ve noticed that you have quite the potty mouth when you are upset, Natalie.”

“I……. I…….sometimes words slip out that I wouldn’t normally use.”

“Next time you call me a prick, I want you to remember to call me Sir Prick, or ideally Master Prick! If you don’t, I will cane you for your indiscretion and lack of respect. I have been quite tolerant of you to date as you have been learning your place.”

Natalie could feel herself blushing and her anger was rising. It seemed like, despite her baring part of her heart to him, he simply ignored it, remaining focused on his own thoughts. She pursed her lips and said,

“Learning my place? Just what is my place in your little kingdom?”

“It’s not what I want. It’s what you want and what you need. You want to submit to me. It excites you to have someone like me take charge of you; to get you to do all sorts of things that ‘nice girls’ don’t do. As much as it galls you, you need me to dominate you. Even as I am spelling this out to you, your excitement level is building. What would I find if I put my fingers inside your panties right now? They were wet before. What are they like now, Natalie?”

He was looking at her with a slightly bemused look. Natalie tried to maintain eye contact with him but she couldn’t do it. She knew that what he was saying was true but she just couldn’t bring herself to admit it to him. It scared her to think that he knew the workings of her mind better than she knew them herself. It was like he was inside there, just reading her every thought. The silence was deafening. Eventually Natalie heard a questioning, “Hmmmmm?” from Sir James and she finally found the strength to speak.

“You know I am dripping wet right now. Somehow you seem to know all my thoughts before I even develop them. It excites me and scares me at the same time”, she said softly.

“Quite so”, he replied simply. “Now, for the collar. I will unlock it before you leave here this evening. You will keep it – it is a gift but I will not keep it on you until you ask me to. If you choose to lock it back in place, I will be honoured by your commitment. There will be a number of things you will ask me to do over time and each of them will demonstrate your further commitment to me. I intend to pierce different parts of your body, just as I intend to explore different parts of your body but this will only occur when you are ready. You may even get a tattoo at some stage.”

Natalie was shocked at what she was hearing. She looked at him, her mouth agape. ‘The hell you will’, she thought to herself but even as she had the thought, she could feel her arousal building. She looked at him to see a smile forming.

“Come. We shall visit the dungeon. My sling has been lonely.”

‘Oh my God! I probably could come if he ordered me to at the moment’, Natalie thought to herself.

Producing a blindfold, he slipped it over her head and tightened the elastic straps, pulling the soft padded leather against her eyes, holding them closed. He then produced a leash and clipped it to the D-ring on her collar, took her hand and helped her to her feet then without waiting for a response, he led her down the passage. Although her hands were free, she followed meekly along behind him, her head abuzz as he kept the tension on the leash. ‘Why do I find his treatment of me so fucking exciting’, she wondered to herself?

Arriving at where she assumed the door to the dungeon was, they paused. She heard what sounded like a lock click, followed by a door opening. ‘That sounds so medieval’, she thought to herself. A tug on the leash and she took a few more steps before they stopped once again and the door clicked shut.

“Hands behind your back.”

As she complied she felt a sharp tug as her tube top was pulled down, exposing her breasts. It came all the way down to the top of her skirt. He heard a sharp intake of breath as she realized what had happened. Her nipples hardened before his eyes as she struggled against her natural reaction, which was to use her hands to cover her breasts. He watched as she struggled against the urge then just as she had herself under control she felt warm breath on one nipple. She was instantly alert to what might happen next. She did not know exactly where he was and her head moved back and forth trying to sense his position. The next thing she knew, his body was against her. His arms went around her and she felt his nails raking down her back. She felt a tingle right through her body as he worked his way slowly down her back. He was scraping her skin just hard enough that she did not cry out, but it was enough to bring her whole body alive.


“Yes, Natalie. We are going to have some fun”, he whispered in her ear, his voice low and husky.

Releasing her, he lifted her arms and removed her tube top. Then he undid her skirt and removed it, supporting her as she stepped out of it.

“Stand with your legs spread. I wish to admire you.”

“Yes Sir”, she whispered.

Natalie parted her legs. She imagined him standing in front of her, admiring her panty clad body. Her hands were back behind her once again which only served to thrust her breasts out more proudly. Standing there in pumps also served to paint her in a beautiful light. He cupped her Vulva with his hand and rocked it back and forth until her felt Natalie weaken, an “Oooohhhhhhh” escaping her lips.

“Now we will remove those panties Natalie before I secure you in the sling. Bring your legs together.”

She did so and he gently pulled her panties down, cupping her butt and rubbing it gently. Natalie could feel the tenderness from her earlier spanking and let out a little groan. He then helped her step out of them before he grasped her by the collar once again and led her the few steps over to the sling. Positioning her in front of it, he took her arms and eased her back into it, the cool leather soothing her butt as she relaxed. She lay there in the silence of the dungeon wondering what he would do next.

“Hmmmm. You have not shaved for me before visiting this evening!”

“But…… You told me not to touch myself, Sir.”

“I did, however we cannot have you looking less than your best. I will have to take care of that for you. You will then receive three strokes of the cane for your efforts.”

“But Sir…………..”

“Shhhhhh, Natalie or I will gag you.”

Her mind in turmoil, Natalie did not know how to respond. This was a most unexpected turn of events. Although she was not aware of having done anything wrong, she assumed she was about to be shaved and then caned, neither of which she had experienced before. She trusted Sir James to take care of her but at the same time she found herself trembling at the thought of what was going to happen. This feeling was exacerbated as she felt the first cuff closing around her ankle. She heard the sound of the buckle before feeling it pull snugly around her ankle. The second one followed shortly after and her leg was lifted and attached to the ceiling chain. Her original leg was then lifted and she felt her legs being spread, fully exposing her to whatever Sir James chose to do with her as her second leg was attached it its own chain. She could feel the cool breeze on her butt, realizing that it was now exposed as well.

Sir James then took one of her wrists and she felt the soft leather embrace it as the securing strap was tightened. Her arm was then drawn up and clipped to the chain. The process was repeated for her remaining wrist and before long she was secure. She realized her breathing rate had increased as she lay there wondering what would happen next. Straining to hear what was happening, she eventually felt movement between her legs.

“Open your mouth Natalie.”

As she obeyed she felt the material filling her mouth, quickly realizing Sir James was putting her wet panties into her mouth as a gag. He didn’t force them all the way in however and she could feel them resting over her mouth and nose, smelling her own sweet smell of arousal and downright lust.

“Do not let them go, Natalie.”

As she was processing the last instruction, she felt a pulling sensation at her labia. As it intensified, she let out an involuntary grunt. Then there was a sharp pain and she squealed though her gag.

“This might take a while if I am going to pluck them all out, Natalie.”

The process was repeated and again there was a grunt and a squeal. Natalie was shaking her head back and forth, willing Sir James to stop. He withdrew her gag.

“Do you want me to stop removing your pubic hair like this Natalie?”

She was not quite sure how to answer as she knew enough about Sir James now to realize she could be stepping out of the fry pan and into the fire. While she was considering her answer, she felt the same process occurring and as the third hair was pulled from her labia, she blurted out,

“Yes, Sir. Please stop.”

She was forlornly trying to close her legs to give herself some protection as she twisted and turned in the sling, all to no avail.

“Ok my dear. I will have mercy on you.”

She felt the blindfold being released and as her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the dungeon, she was horrified to see Sir James standing there with a cut throat razor in his hands, the blade glistening in the light that was focused on her pubic mound.
He was smiling at her as he said, “This is always a much more effective way or removing unwanted growth, my dear.”

Natalie could only stare, her eyes open wide as she wondered how this was going to work out, knowing that she was helpless to control its outcome…………………………………….