the greedy have the need
to fill the horn of plenty
and to keep it overflowin’

the needy have the greed
to offer ten for twenty
and to wanna keep it goin’

flowin’ an’ goin’
goin’ an’ flowin’


it ain’t nothin’
like that
with me
and my baby

it’s limits
and boundaries
with me
and my baby

tho we have been known
to stutter as we utter
a heat of the moment
lover’s plaintive plea of

o baby please keep
flowin’ an’ goin’
goin’ an’ flowin’


bring on-more-more-more. . .

as the needy minimize their greed
and the greedy justify their need. . .

the woman and her lover
scurry for cover
like john coltrane
seeking shelter in
a dope induced dream
of cacophonousless
peace supreme

the woman and her lover
know it’s now over
future and past
hold no sway
in this sublime
sultry soul sea
time of no time

together they mount
the unholy remnant
of mind-numbing
ceaselessly strung together
as the reign of topsy-turvydom
comes apocalyptically crashing down

all around

without a sound. . .

bound within the wordless terrain. . .

she reaches out
to him

he reaches out
to her

what good is speech
when a gesture
says it all

what good is speculation
when time has no

within mute mutual trust
she opens

within heart racing hush
he enters

within silence
they suss out
their meaning

their worth