The walk begins at a slow pace before the crave set in
Stopping and looking with wonder
At all the hidden secrets of a much to long
Subdued needs and desires

Desires for the taboo the forbidden
Now becomes free and expected
Still you don’t feel the addiction
Only the pleasure..

You run into the darkness

Then the loss of pride
The willingness to do anything
For this sin and debauchery

No love is needed anymore
Just the physical gratification
Somehow soothes you

The indulgence of immoral behavior
Is now a need..a big need in your blood

As demanding as any drug
As strong as any drink..only
There is no way to overcome it

No AA no family support to pull you out
From the very opening consuming
Mouth of darkness and the cave of deception

No one can know your true needs
And who you really are…as the voice
Of sanity grows weaker inside..